Annex F - Individual Reflections

This whole research project have benefitted me in a lot of ways. Firstly, I have learnt certain research skills that I would be able to use in the future for such assignments and school work. I also find that the whole research project has taught me a lot of other things. I have learnt how to organize my time with my school work and to complete certain tasks for our project. I have learnt how to work well with my group despite the challenges and obstacles that have come across us. I also learnt that I have to keep up with certain deadlines and that we have to know when to do our tasks and project, not at the last minute. Other than that, I am glad to be able to be given this opportunity to be able to do such tasks.

Yee Theng
This research has taught me many things relevant to what we are required to do be it in school life or anything that has to do with research. It has taught me that group work is essential and that it requires us to be able to work with each other. Despite the fact that we faced  many challenges, we often try to work it out so that it would benefit the whole group. This research project has also taught me that we do not always get to work with the people we want to work with and we have to adjust to whatever that we get. Throughout the project, we had many datelines to meet, hence we had to be able to be on task and focus well on what we have to do.

Ek Hern
This project has personally taught me that I need to know how to do things myself. If we cannot carry out a certain process, we need to find an alternative solution that works just as well. We needed to work through certain sexual differences and different ideas of the project to complete it. I didn't even know how to do the project at first but guidance has helped me understand.

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